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Our purpose is to enthusiastically create a positive life-altering option for our students (Young and Old), families, and community through training in Songahm Taekwondo.

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They have learned about respect, integrity, and perseverance”

“Thank you for all your excellent work at your Academy, it has been very beneficial for the development of my two boys.  In addition to enjoying becoming physically active, they have learned about respect, integrity and perseverance.  Keep up the good work!”

Savvas Kyriakides


I can ask him to do something and he responds right away”

“My son’s behaviour is a lot better in the sense that he is more respectful towards me and the dog at home and his friends at school.  His focus on daily tasks has also really improved, I can ask him to do something and he responds right away whereas in the beginning I would have to ask him up to ten times to go get a shirt on or shoes, and now he’s like “yes mom, I’m going to go do it right now” which is a huge improvement.  Overall he sounds a lot more positive and more outgoing in the sense that he’s willing to talk to people now, whereas in the beginning he was a lot more shy.”

Jo Ann Stan


 “They’re both much more willing to do things the first time they’re asked”

“Since my daughters started training, They’re both much more willing to do things the first time that they’re asked, so I don’t have to repeat myself quite so many times and every now and then I get the “Yes Ma’am!”  treatment.  In general their attitude has been much better.

For my daughter Sofia, she was often very reluctant to take care of her duties at home—like feeding the dog, now that she’s training she’s much more willing to do it.  I think it’s because she’s getting positive reinforcement everywhere she goes.

My daughter Isabella has that making her bed in the morning is the best thing to do right away as soon as she gets up in the morning because it’s something that’s strongly encouraged here at the academy—not necessarily to make your bed but to do the chores that you’re supposed to do at home without being asked 50,000 times.  She’s falling right into line with that.

Nadina Pharand


I am physically in much better shape, and am also enjoying the challenge”

After sitting and watching my daughter Courtenay for close to a year, and noticing that my energy level was almost non-existent, I decided that it was time to make a change.  The talk around the benches was that some parents were interested in joining Taekwondo, but no-one seemed to be making a move.  After taking a deep breath I signed up and took the plunge, hoping that others would follow.  I am pleased to say that now I have some company.  Since joining I am physically in much better shape, and am also enjoying the challenge.

Thanks to all the Davidson’s for a wonderful experience, and a great family atmosphere.

Rose Kirby


“Thank you so much to the Seung-ri Black Belt Academy…. our daughter Madeline is so proud of herself and we are so proud of her and it is all because of the time and effort you have devoted to her. Thank you again…she has come such a long way.”

Jeff and Tanya Bush

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