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365 Days of Gratitude

One of our Black Belts, Muskan Virk, is now a Published Author!  Pick up her book 365 Days of Gratitude: My Attitude of Gratitude from today!

Tiger Open House

We hope everyone will join us this Saturday (September 20th) a the King George location for a sneak peek at how the Tiger program will be changing in the future.  There will be light refreshments served, and a chance to get in on the ground floor of this exciting new program!

For more details call 604-5-31-4881

Fighting for Child Safety

As part of a worldwide initiative, Seung-ri WTTU Black Belt Academy in White Rock will hold a child the abduction prevention.

The academy is a branch of the American Taekwondo Association (ATA) which, in partnership with, designated September as Child Safety Month.

The month has been adopted by ATA academies around the world, including in the U.S., Korea, and around Europe and South America.


Building character

At 4’5″, Matthew Patterson I used to looking up-sometimes, way up – his taekwondo opponents. But the once-timid 11 year old has learned victory in martial arts, as in life, has little to do with stature. It is the sweet reward of hard work driven by passion for the sport, a drive to excel, confidence that the goal is within reach and the knowledge that ‘the goals we set are the goals we get.’ It’s a mantra he repeats about six times a week, during training sessions at White Rock’s Seung-ri Black Belt Academy. And one the solid-muscle, dark-haired Grade 6 student has taken to heart. Readying for his first Taekwondo tournament on the international state, Matthew is quick to explain the outcome he’s shooting for at the World Traditional Taekwondo Union Spring Nationals next month in Las Vegas – his best.


How Did A 48-Year Old Bankrupt Musician Use Martial Arts To Turn His and His Family’s Life Around?

lorneMy name is Lorne Davidson I am the Chief Instructor of the Academy, I am 4th degree black belt certified instructor and along with my wife and son a school owner.

It has been a long journey, one that has made me appreciate the real value martial arts can bring to someone’s life.

At 48 I was a broke and bankrupt musician after having traveled around western Canada and the United States for over twenty five years. There had been moments of success but not enough to make a living. (more…)

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