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365 Days of Gratitude

One of our Black Belts, Muskan Virk, is now a Published Author!  Pick up her book 365 Days of Gratitude: My Attitude of Gratitude from today!

Respect Part 7

Showing Respect for society is often considered only in the broadest sense–when really it’s one of the simplest things to do.  A society is just a group of people operating on similar principles and goals, so while our country, and cities count as society’s, smaller societies could include our workplace and our home. Once you boil Read More

Respect Part 6

While listening is commonly looked at as a sign of respect (and justifiably so!) It’s very rare to see Confidence hold that same position–and that seems a little odd. Listening: “The ability to pay attention and respond to what others say” is a very simple, and relatively easy way of showing respect. To others, to Read More

Respect Part 5

Though the first (and most important person) to respect is ourselves–we can’t make it through life thinking like that.  Almost every successful person has a litany of others that they thank for: opportunities, hard work, belief–you name it, and the only way you get those is by respecting others. Respecting others is both harder than Read More

Respect Part 4

The next two principles of Respect are Acceptance, and Kindness. Acceptance is fairly straight forward.  “Allowing others to be themselves without passing judgement” Our differences are what define us, and what make the world a better, more unique place. But the key word there is “themselves” allowing someone to continue a practice or habit that Read More

Respect Part 3

For our purposes, care is defined as “Doing what’s best for ourselves and for others” and really, what a perfect lead-in to talking about Respect for others. It’s important to note here that Respect is something that has to start with us first.  If we’re unable to respect ourselves, then it’s much harder for others Read More

Respect Part 2

As we covered in Week 1, Respect isn’t what you know, it’s what you do–and that’s something that’s the backbone of Respect as a whole.  Starting with showing it to ourselves, all the way to  showing it to the world. This is important because there are countless little ways we can either show–or not show respect daily; Read More

Respect Part 1

As we enter the new year, it’s important to turn our thoughts to Respect.  This is an important lifeskill for us to hold, as it’s “Not what we know, it’s what we do” Too often we get focused on knowing everything and making sure we don’t look foolish–but if we’re not treating people well and Read More

How Martial Arts Improve Social Skills Part 1

Contrary to popular belief, karate has less to do with fighting and more to do with the improvement of mind, body, and spirit. Learning a martial art can develop social and interpersonal skills in surprising ways. There is a longstanding and deeply rooted misconception about the martial arts. Many believe the training is all about […]

Martial Arts Benefit Pre-Schoolers too! Part 2

Parents appreciate the improved fitness, attention, and good behavior that result from their preschoolers’ martial arts training. They like that the environment is positive, safe, and supervised by professionals. And they often make friends with other parents, as their children make friends with others their age. These relationships are often very beneficial for all involved, […]

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