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Seung-ri Black Belt Academy Testimonials

See what some of our students have to say about Seung-ri Black Belt Academy:

“Karlee started 7 months ago as a shy quiet person. Recently she was promoted to camouflage belt and is proud to be one of the most senior students in class. Her confidence in sports and school has changed dramatically. Karlee now speaks up and is prepared to try new things instead of sitting by quietly being shy. Her teacher at school has commented on her focus in class which has improved and now rather than watch other kids she is confident enough to get involved. She is learning now that she can do anything if she tries and is learning to set goals. Karlee’s goal in taekwondo is to get her black belt and lots of trophies from participating in tournaments.”

— Mrs. Berezan

“Hi, my name is Ben Zvikler. I have been doing Taekwondo for almost two years. I joined Taekwondo to get a workout and stay in shape—I joined because of the previous reasons, but while doing it I have gained much more. I am fulfilling my goal to stay in shape, gained new friends and attained enormous amounts of Self-Respect.”

— Ben Zvikler

“We initially signed Taylor up to Taekwando as an extracurricular activity for our 11 year old daughter but found Seung-ri Black Belt Academy to be more than “just martial arts school”. My wife and I have seen Taylor grow in confidence, athletic ability, and determination. It has shaped all facets of her growth and development. Head Instructor Davidson is very attentive to each child’s needs, expects children to aim high and he pushes them to do their best. I am impressed that he and his staff also take in account the long-term life skills needs for the kids for them to be future leaders, to value their family, to have integrity, to have team spirit and to have the skills to overcome roadblocks that may come their way. We are so thankful to be part of the “family” of the parents at Seung-ri WTTU Black Belt Academy.”

— Dave and Debbie Wood

“Thank you so much to the Seung-ri Black Belt Academy…. our daughter Madeline is so proud of herself and we are so proud of her and it is all because of the time and effort you have devoted to her. Thank you again…she has come such a long way.”

— Jeff and Tanya Bush

“Hannah began taking Taekwondo in June 2010. We have noticed improvements in her confidence and initiative. This year she began grade 5 and we have rarely needed to remind her to do her homework. We have appreciated Mr. Davidson’s extra effort in encouraging Hannah in her journey as she becomes more comfortable and familiar with Taekwondo.”

— Mr. & Mrs. Perry

“My name is Lawrence Donnelly. I have been training at the Seung-ri Black Belt Academy for seven months now and am currently a camo belt. During these past months I have found that Taekwondo is more than just physical fitness and self-defence. Songahm Taekwondo teaches you how to be a better person through practicing life skills. My Instructor, Robert Davidson, is dedicated to his work and has taught me the values of self-discipline, persistence, and integrity, to name a few, while making the experience fun and exciting. The school’s leadership program is extremely beneficial to me as I have many younger siblings who frequently ask for my help. This program breaks down the steps necessary for overcoming the difficulties of being a good leader and teacher. I hope to be involved in Songahm Taekwondo for many years to come and maybe someday open my own school.”

— Lawrence Donnelly

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